Top Modern Uses of Bamboo

Bamboo is a plant is a fast-growing plant from the grass family. Just like grass, then can grow rapidly and can be grown in any country all over the world. This is an amazing plant that is known for its many natural useful properties. Because of its many good properties, it’s become a valuable resource and widely used in multiple industries.

Here is a list of some of the many modern uses of bamboos.


Not a lot of people know that bamboo is an edible plant. In Asian countries like China, Taiwan, Japan, Philippines, Nepal, Indonesia, India and Vietnam people cooking using bamboo shoots. Bamboo shoots which also known as bamboo sprouts are the new bamboo culms that grows from of the ground.

These young shoots are very tasty and has earthly mild taste. The bamboo shoots are known for being firm and cruchy.

Bamboo shoots can be purchase as fresh and you even get them canned. It is preferred to buy and cook bamboo shoots while they are fresh in order to retain a good taste. Otherwise it starts to taste bitter.

Cooking with bamboo does come with risk. Raw shoots have toxins can be poisonous when being consumed. It is important to thoroughly cook the bamboo shoots in order to destroy the toxins. Fresh bamboo shoots are often boiled before cooking to remove the toxins.

There are many ways bamboo can be eaten. In Asia, they are boiled and prepared as soup and can be mixed with meat and vegetables so make a very tasty dish. Bamboo shoots can also be pickled. Another way of preparing them it to drying them out. The dried shoots can be eaten as is and so used as an ingredient in cooking.

Activated charcoal is a fine black power that is made from bamboo. When it is mixed with food, it is used to detoxify the body. It helps on removing the bad toxins out of our body. They also make food look black which is very interesting. Foods with activated charcoal like cakes, ice cream, juices, bread and burgers that are colored black are gaining popularity because of its unique color.

Renewable Energy

With the world’s continued population growth, urbanization and economic development on the rise, the demand and need for energy has also continued to increase. Though the demand for energy is high, there is also a high amount of consideration on reducing the dependency on using fossil fuels as source of energy. Due to the concerns, there has been a significant boost in finding and using different means of producing energy. A good source of energy is through the use of bioenergy. Bioenergy is renewable energy source that is produce using biological materials.

Bamboos a good source of fuel because of the abundance the availability of these plants. Because of bamboo’s good fuel characteristics, high production, and short cycle, there is a continued effort in using it as fuel in generating electricity through power plants and as biofuels to substitute fossil fuels.

A common use of bamboo as energy to utilize a dry bamboo word as firewood. It’s a good for kindling since it burns hot very easily. It also works well when it is mixed other wood in order to make the fire last longer.

Bamboo charcoal briquette is great alternative as firewood. Bamboo is a sustainable material in making charcoal as you can harvest it starting from age 5 which is extremely quicker in comparison to any other wood for the purpose of producing wooden charcoal.

In an industrial scale, bamboo can be used in power plants as fuel in in producing heat in order to generate electricity. Combusting wood in power plants is the most affordable and reliable way in generating power.

Lastly bamboos can be processed to liquid and gaseous form of fuel. Through biochemical conversion, bamboos can be transformed and turn to bioethanol, methane and other forms of fuel. These can be utilized in a cost-effective way in powering transportation vehicles.


In everybody’s list of common interest, there is one item that is most agree that they enjoy. The most common interest is music. Everyone enjoys music. There are just so many different types of music. People’s taste of music genre varies. Starting from oldies but goodies music like the classical music, opera, jazz, ballads and all the way to upbeat music like pop, hip-hop and last but not the least loud music like rock and metal.

In order to create music, you would need a musical instrument. Bamboo is a very common material in crafting musical instruments. It has a very good material for making instruments because of the bamboo’s wonderful properties. Bamboo is known for its strength, lightweight and flexibility.

Because of bamboo’s ideal properties as an instrument, our ancestor invented so many bamboo instruments. Many traditional instruments, especially those that are coming from continents from Asia and South America are made of bamboos.

Now a days, bamboo is fairly common and is grown throughout the world. You can now often see many different kinds of bamboo instruments all over the world. The most famous bamboo instruments are the bamboo flutes, castanets, chimes, xylophones, whistles, drums and many more. is a website we created in order to share the many wonderful things about bamboos and most especially on how it is being used in creating musical instruments. On this website you can find plenty of information about all sorts of information about bamboo instruments.

Bamboo Instruments
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