Bamboo Musical Instruments, the website dedicated on providing you with rich information about bamboo musical instruments. There are many kinds of instruments crafted using bamboos and our goal is to provide valuable resources about the various instruments made of bamboo that can be found all over the world.

We will talk about the different cultures that uses bamboo instruments. You will learn about the history behind these instruments and the many wonderfully unique sounds that they produce. Most of all you will get to learn how to play music using these bamboo instruments.

Traditionally many musical instruments are made of bamboos. Bamboos are perfect in making woodwind instruments. Most notably, traditional wooden flutes are made of bamboos.

Since we really love bamboos, we are going to talk a lot about them. We believe that by introducing bamboo instruments in the world, we will be able to promote how amazing and beautiful bamboo plants are. Other than crafting instruments, bamboos are used to make many other useful products.

Bamboo Plant

Among the many plant species that has provided influential significance on the world’s ever-changing environment, the humble bamboo symbolically deserves to be placed at the top of the list. This magnificent plant deserves praise, admiration and our appreciation.

Bamboo is the plant that grows in every continent in the planet. They are strong and grows very fast. Though typically they are primarily grown in continents in Asia and South America, they are grown all over the world.

The bamboo is a very strong very hard material. Compared to wood, bamboo is 2 times stronger than wood. In fact bamboos are harder than brick and concrete. It even has a stronger tensile strength than of steel, which is one of the strongest metals in the world. It a very robust material and can be used for some tough and rough purposes.

Not only because of its strength and being lightweight, another reason why bamboo is a very valuable resource is because it is amazingly flexible. It has a great ability to bend. Which makes it very wieldy material.

Now you see why bamboo is very good material and why it is a preferred choice in making many different wooden products. You can easily find bamboo used in various ways and for different purposes. The world hasn’t stopped utilizing this material and now we continue to see many new and ingenious instruments made in bamboo.

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Environment Friendly

Specially now in our current day and age where it is very important to be aware and do our part to help in building a much greener environment. We need to start using eco-friendly materials just like bamboo. Because of this, many people are interested on buying bamboo products.

It’s essential to keep in mind that we are not just helping ourselves but also for the good of others that we should keep our planet healthy and clean. We need do our part on helping reduce the carbon footprint in our world. We should take care of our planet and find greener alternatives like using items that are made of biodegradable materials.

Made in Bamboo

There are so many wonderful things to know about bamboos. People have been experimenting and continuously utilizing bamboos to build new products. These bamboo products are used on many industries.

Most of all, they are very important because there are many bamboo products found in our own homes. Bamboo is used to build pieces of furniture, home décor, kitchenware, tools, musical instruments and many more.


Music is a form or art that uses sounds to express feeling and emotion. Through music, you can feel happy, sad, calmness, excitement. It also helps us heal and feel relax. Music provides relief and enjoyment in life.

In order to product music requires to have some sort of tool or a musical instrument. Using musical instruments, you can produce sounds and make wonderful music with it. Music is the manipulation of sound. That is why we have musical instruments. These are used to create different sounds and create music.

Musical Instruments

It is human to enjoy music. It has been part of our history and culture. Our early ancestors are the first to discover music. They are the first to appreciate, love and enjoy music and they created many musical instruments. The oldest discovered musical instrument is the flute. The flute discovered is estimated to be 30,000 years old.

The early humans created the first flute and musical instrument using a hallow animal bone. Uncovering this ancient instrument is such an amazing discovery. It makes you think and realize how intelligent the early humans were.

In order to create and further improve music they created various new musical instruments. These instruments produce different sounds in order to make music. There are many varieties of musical instruments. You have your wind instruments, string instruments, percussions and many more.

These instruments have to be created using some sort of material. Many musical instruments are made using materials such as wood, metals, stones, plants, and other materials such as plastic and glass.

Bamboo Musical Instruments

Most of the early instruments are made out of wood. Wood is a very good material because they are hard, tough, long-lasting and can produce excellent music quality. There many types of wood in the world and one of the most common wooden material used to make musical instruments is the bamboo.

This wood is harvested from bamboo trees. These trees produce really good wood. Bamboo lumbers from these trees are used to transform into musical instruments. These musical instruments are known as “bamboo instruments”.

There are many kinds of bamboo instruments in the world. These musical instruments produce various unique beautiful sounds. Varieties of bamboo instruments include wind instruments, string instruments and percussions.

Many bamboo instruments can be found from countries all over the world. Many Asian countries have invented many famous bamboo instruments.

India has bansuri and venu, China has dizi, Philippines has kulingtang and other kawayan instruments. These are just a few examples of Asian bamboo instruments.

So why are there so many bamboo instruments in the world?

The reason why there are so bamboo instruments in the world is because bamboo is a really good material for making music. It can naturally produce really good acoustic sound.

There is something about acoustic music that everyone seems to love. It must be because of the relaxing feeling you feel when listening to the music.

Bamboo Acoustic Music

Acoustics also provides that traditional type of sound. It is also fun to hear just like the rich island music produced by bamboo instruments.

One thing’s for sure, bamboo acoustic music is amazing! What’s so good about acoustic bamboo music is that it can be anything. There are so many beautiful acoustic music like love songs, pop music, reggae, dance music, also traditional and ethnic music and many more.

Up to this day, even though music has changed, many new musicians and artist came, many new music genres have been invented, yet our love for acoustic music have never changed. Our love for bamboo acoustic music has never changed, and most of all our love for bamboo musical instruments has never changed. We still enjoy the old-fashioned acoustic sound from our musical instruments.

Here you will find valuable information about the many different types of bamboo musical instruments from around the world.

We will talk about the importance of these musical instruments. Like how it has evolved, what is the history of some of the famous musical instruments.

We might want to talk how these instruments are created. Like how they are traditionally made. We will also talk about how to play these instruments.

If you are thinking of purchasing these instruments, we’ll provide some information on where to get these bamboo instruments, and how much they cost.

On the website you may also find different guides and various tips on how to properly care for these musical instruments.

For those who might be interested on building their own bamboo instrument, we will provide some information on how to build your own DIY instrument.

Bamboo Instruments
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