Bamboo Plant

Nature is precious. We all need the plants and trees in order for us to live our lives. For us human beings, we rely on the many plants in this world. It is important to cherish these plants. Some of these plants are vital resources for our daily living. One of the most special plant is the bamboo.

Bamboo is important and has helped our life in so many ways. It isn’t just your typical ordinary common plant. It is an extraordinary plant that has many valuable uses. It is truly one of mother nature’s finest creations.

Among the many plant species that has provided influential significance on the world’s ever-changing environment, the humble bamboo symbolically deserves to be placed at the top of the list. This magnificent plant deserves praise, admiration and our appreciation.

Bamboo World

Bamboo is known by to grow on many parts of the word. Many civilizations and cultures have thrived and progressed because of its existence. We must learn the importance of understanding bamboos and how it has become a vital instrument that has forever helped and changed billions of people’s lives from every continent all over the world.

There are actually numerous kinds of bamboo plants. There are about more than 1400 different species of bamboos. They are distributed throughout the world. They live in varied temperatures and different environments. These plants come in different colors, shapes and sizes.

Though bamboos are typically known as trees or bushes, an interest fact is bamboos are grasses. Bamboo is a member of the Poaceae plant family, which is a family of grass plants.

Bamboo grows very fast and can be harvested quickly. It is grown all over the world, notably the continents Asia, Africa and South America. They can be grown easily indoors or outdoors.

The bamboo trees are known for being tall poles. plants have luscious leaves. They can transform into magnificent towering forests.

These trees are very source for limber. They are known to be strong wooden material. Bamboos are even stronger than some metals. The trees are naturally straight, and the trunk is also naturally hallowed.

This plant has already been prominent in our daily lives. We have evolved and progressed by gradually deepening our understanding of bamboos through the thousands of years of farming and cultivation and then utilization.

People have begun by using bamboos as food and then we realized that they can be used as wood. We started making them into different tools. Later on, we discovered more practical uses of bamboo. So much, that to some societies it is a spiritual and symbolic significance.

Bamboo Properties

Bamboo have many powerful properties that make them ideal industry material. They are extensively used as a good wooden material.

Bamboo is one of the strongest types of wood in the world. It is a very flexible type of wood that is why people use it for many different types of uses. It is used in making different type of tools and instruments.

Because bamboos are both flexibility and strength it became the preferred choice of wood in making many different wooden products. You can easily find bamboo used in various ways and for different purposes. The world hasn’t stopped utilizing this material and now we continue to see many new and ingenious creations.


The bamboo is a very strong very hard material. Compared to wood, bamboo is 2 times stronger than wood. It is rock solid, in fact bamboos are harder than brick and concrete. It even has a stronger tensile strength than of steel, which is one of the strongest metals in the world. It a very robust material and can be used for some tough and rough purposes.


Since bamboo is very strong, you may think that it is probably very heavy. Even though bamboo is extremely hard, it is still very lightweight. Bamboo’s weight is much lesser than timber. In relation to its strength, bamboo is relatively very lightweight.


Not only because of its strength and being lightweight, another reason why bamboo is a very valuable resource is because it is amazingly flexible. It has a great ability to bend. Which makes it very wieldy material.

Unlike most wood, bamboo is uniquely very flexible. So flexible, that you can bend it and yet it won’t break. Because of this bamboo is used to make arches and are used to build into very strong bridges.

Modern Use

Bamboo offers multiple benefits and is used on so many ways. For thousands of years people have been growing and harvesting bamboos. People have been experimenting and continuously utilizing bamboos to build new products. These bamboo products are used on various different purposes.

There are so many different uses from food to musical instruments, there are really so many out there. To find more about it, please see our list of modern applications for bamboos.

Environment Friendly and Sustainability

It is extremely important that we should value our environment. We need to find different ways to protect and conserve the rich and natural resources of our world.

One way in order to do that it’s best to reduce use the number of unrecyclable materials like plastic. Year after year, the amount of plastic garbage in our oceans are accumulating and killing the wildlife.

Bamboo is a good solution to help our environment. By planting more bamboos, it will make our forest and environment healthier. By producing more bamboo plants, it will produce cleaner air and much healthy living environment.

Using bamboo products is also a smart choice. The reason is because they are biodegradable materials. That means these products can decompose and can be broken down to organic matter by microorganisms.

Bamboo Instruments
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