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Whats is this website for?

This website was created to share knowledge about bamboos.

To provide information about how care about bamboos and know important facts about on the role that bamboo plants in the whole world.

To gain some knowledge about the different industries that where bamboos are used.

There are many wonderful facts about bamboos and through this website you will be able to gain knowledge about this wonderful plant.


When was the site created?

The website was created on September 2019.

When are new updates posted?

The contents and pages of the website is constantly being updated. The aim is to produce at least 2 posts a week.


Who are we?

It is not a we, but just 1 person. The owner of the bambooinstruments.com is Jay.

Not only is he the owner, he is the web developer, content writer and SEO expert.

Bambooinstrument.com website is currently a side project. He hopes to one day to do this as a full-time business.


Where are you located?

The website is developed and operated at Ontario Canada.

Where are the website viewers from?

Bamboointruments.com is open to anyone. Regardless race, age, gender, this website is for everybody.

The goal is to reach as many viewers as possible and keep them engaged and continue to be interested with new and interesting contents about bamboos.


How did you come up with the name?

The reason Bamboos Instruments is the name of the site is because originally the website was intended to be about bamboo musical instruments.

The plan was to make a website that talks about different instruments made out of bamboo. The many instruments from different countries around the world.

Along the way, the plan got changed. Instead of focusing to musical instruments only, it evolved to other bamboo products.

Since bamboo everywhere and it’s uses has gotten bigger it was decided to feature bamboo as instrument for other industries. For example the clothing industry, farming, agriculture, food, architecture, music and many more.

It seems BambooInstruments.com is a very fitting name for the new purpose of the website.

Bamboo Instruments
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