Top 3 Favorite Souvenirs and Gift Items at Chinatown

If you are visiting new places or travelling, you should buy some souvenirs and gifts for you and for your family. Here is my guide on my top 3 souvenir and gift items that any traveler should get at Chinatown.

It’s another wonderful day and I feel very inspired to write again. I just finally posted last week’s post my content about how I got my new Moleskine Classic Roller pen. I am very happy with what I have written.

My wife’s parents are currently here with us in Toronto right now. My in-laws came from the Philippines to visit me and my wife here in Canada. They are very nice people. They are retired now that is why we wanted them to visit Canada.

My in-laws have been here in Canada for almost 6 months already. They are going back to the Philippines at the end of September.

Before they got back the Philippines, we wanted to buy them some presents. Not only for them but we also wanted to buy presents for our relatives and friends as well. We decided to get them some souvenirs that they can bring back with them.

chinatown souvenirs

We live in Toronto. And here in Toronto, there is no other better place to buy souvenirs than at Chinatown. In Chinatown they have pretty much everything in there. Shopping is cheap, the food is great, and people are nice.

I just want to share with you what are the top 3 gift items that you should buy back from travelling. These are my top recommendation.

In this post I will also be giving tips on how to properly choose the right gifts. I will also be sharing how to get good deal, so you can save money.


In Chinatown we found some cheap t-shirts. These shirts come with various colors and designs. Some of the designs you see show pictures of iconic places are printed on the shirts

I really like the shirt that just says Toronto or Canada on them with a little bit of logo or flag. They are nice because they look neat and simple.

We ended up buying a few of these for our relatives. We got adult and kid size shirts. I know our relatives back home will love the t-shirts we got for them.

T-shirts are usually designed specifically to be worn for male or women, adult or child. They also come in various sizes including XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL. They also come in different colors.

Shirts are also made using different types of fabric. The most common fabric found on the souvenir shops in Chinatown or any other place is Cotton. Cotton is good fabric because it is soft and breathable. Cotton shirts are also very cheap.

Did you know that there are shirts made of bamboo? Bamboo is a good fabric. It creates a cool soft touch when worn. Bamboo made shirts are gaining in popularity. I would really recommend them.

It takes a bit more work to buy shirts as gifts because you have to decide which you think looks best for that person you are buying for. The difficult part is that you need to know what their size is. You need to make sure it fits properly to the person you are giving the shirt to. It shouldn’t be too big or too small.

It’s good if you get them in bulk. In Chinatown you can often bargain with the sellers. If you buy items in bulk, then you can get a better deal. You can haggle with the seller and they can give you a better price. That way you can save some money.

If you are visiting a city that has a famous sports team, why not try and find a team jersey, uniform, hat or shirt? I am sure that the person getting the gift will really love and appreciate this gift. In Chinatown you may find these items and they are a lot cheaper to buy here than on the main stores.


In Chinatown they also carry a lot of refrigerator magnets. The magnets come with different designs and styles. They also come in different sizes and shapes.

Magnets are wonderful souvenirs and gifts because they are lightweight. It is a good idea to bring this and place them in your luggage. Magnets are good items to bring because they are small and don’t take much weight. You can buy a lot of these as presents for relatives and friends back from your trip.

The reason why magnets are good presents from travelling is because magnets are gender neutral. You can give it to anybody regardless, gender, age, weight, height and etc.

I really like these magnets that are multipurpose. These magnets are not just for decorations, but you may use these magnets as useful household items. Here are few examples of the common multipurpose magnets in the market.

  • Magnetic bottle openers
  • Magnetic picture frames
  • Magnetic notepads
  • Magnetic clips

My favorite ones are the magnetic bottle openers. I have a few of them on my fridge. They come in very handy when you need to open your favorite bottled drinks. We ended buying some magnets, including a few magnetic bottle openers.

Personally, magnets are my go-to choice as souvenir and gifts from a trip. The reason is a lot of people like magnets. There are also a few people to loves collecting magnets. Many people collect magnets, and they really appreciate receiving them as gifts.

I am guilty with this, because my wife and I are also fond of collecting magnets. Whenever we travel or go visit new places, we always buy a magnet and stick it on our refrigerator.

We love buying magnets from places we visit because whenever we look at them on our refrigerator it brings back all the good memories from all the places we visited.

For magnets you don’t have to worry about all that different complexities. That is why I prefer magnets as souvenir type of gifts for my travels.


Lastly, the 3rd great souvenir and gift you should buy from your travels are Keychains. They come in different designs, colors, sizes and shapes. They are very popular, and a lot of people like them.

As a souvenir you would like to find a keychain that has a picture of the place you visited. Some keychains also have the name of the place you have visited. For example, the name of the beach, theme park, city or country.

Keychains are good travel gifts because they are small and lightweight. You can easily fit a lot of these on your luggage. You do not need to worry about excess baggage weight since they don’t weight that much.

The good thing about keychains is that they also sometimes are not just keychains, but they are something else as well. Some keychains are multipurpose. These are just a few examples of the common multipurpose keychains in the market.

  • Can Opener Keychains
  • Nail Cutter Keychains
  • Flashlight Keychains
  • Pocket Knife Keychains or Swiss Army Knife Keychains
  • USB Flash Drive Keychains

They are also made using a combination of different materials. Some of the materials use to create keychains are metal, ropes, wood, plastic, cloth and etc. There are plenty more other materials that are used in making keychains. Some keychains are made using bamboos.

Bamboo keychains are commonly found in Asia and South America. Bamboo keychains are very common on any tropical countries where bamboos are grown. We have many of these back home at the Philippines.


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