My One and Only Best Writing Instrument

The story on how I found my favorite Moleskine pen and the many reasons why I love it and why you it is the best pen and writing instrument.

Today was an odd day. The day started rather gloomy. The clouds are in and out throughout the day. There was a little bit of rain from time to time. It must be because it is September already. You can finally feel that Summer is over, and Fall has begun.

The good thing is that the rain stopped after I finished work. I’m glad that it is mildly sunny again. Right in time when I was leaving work. It’s wonderful to step outside and seeing the sun was out and the weather is nice.

Today I feel like treating myself and checkout the neighbouring nearby stores. There are many retail stores near to my workplace. Just across the street from where I work there is the store called “Winners”. This store in known is selling branded items on much cheaper price. Me and my friends from work often visit this store to see what items they are selling. Sometimes we end up buying stuff just because they are cheap. Today is no different, I went there to check out what to see what they are selling.

Coming in the store I was interested in finding what kind of school supplies they have. Specifically, products or instruments used for writing. I wanted to find something to inspire myself to write more. Whether it could be a new book, notebook, pencils, or pens. I need something to help me practice writing more and get better at it. I am looking for that secret instrument that will help me with my writing.

school supplies

They have a tiny section for pens. The store is selling a decent number of pens. it got me thinking that maybe getting a new pen will help me get better with my writing. I am hoping to find the “One”. The one pen that will help me with my journey in writing.

One by one, I checked every available pen they have. Some of the pens are very nice-looking. There were gold and silver coated pens. Even found some pens with fluffy balls of fur on top. There is one with a huge diamond at the tip. But none of them sparked my interest.

It’s sad that I didn’t like any of them. I couldn’t pick from any of the pens available. I was about to give up thinking none of these pens were meant for me. I was about to lose hope in finding the one true pen for me.

I was about to lose hope, but I said to myself that I should check again. I feel like there is still a chance on finding the one. So, I searched once more. This time around I hope that I can find the pen for me.

The search has begun and now I am doing a thorough search. I dug to every corner on the shelf. As I was searching, I noticed there was something that resembles a pen was peeking out behind some notepads. I need to know what it is.

I picked it up and my first thought was it this is a marker. This thing has a square shaped body. It was wider than a pen. This thing has a flat body. I thought for sure that this must be a marker. I held up this instrument and opened the cap. There I saw that the tip was ball point. This must be a pen.

I held it in my hand and placed it between my fingers like a pen. This thing, this pen, this actually feels very comfortable. The pen is wide yet it’s flat, that is why it sits very comfortably in my hand. This pen, it feels so right. Could this be? Did I find the one?

Picture of Moleskine Classic Roller Pen

The pen is dark blue in color. It has a cap with a flat metallic clip. Inscribed on the pen’s clip is its brand name. The brand is Moleskine. This brand seemed familiar to me. I know that this brand is famous for selling notebooks. Moleskine notebooks are quite good and very popular. But they are quite expensive. Knowing that the brand is good, I started to really be interested with the pen. Now I got curious and I want to know more.

The question is how much does it cost? Since Moleskine notebooks are expensive, I have a feeling that this pen is most likely to be expensive as well. The store’s price tag on the pen is 7.99 dollars Canadian. I told myself that I should check with Amazon first, so I know what the price is online. I wanted to know if I am getting a good deal or not. If it is a good deal then I will get it, and if not then I won’t. I picked up my phone and searched for Moleskine pens online.

Finally, I found the pen and it is on sale at Amazon. This pen is called Moleskine Classic Roller Pen. The price listed on Amazon ranges from $15 up to $20 dollars depending on which color you choose. This particular one is the Blue Moleskine Classic Roller Pen and it cost $18 at Amazon. I was really happy since this pen is less than half the price listed on the website. Now I know what to do. I decided to buy the Moleskine pen since it’s a good price. I believe I finally found the one. The pen that was meant for me.

I took it home and at night I started using it. I held the pen and started writing my journal. I really enjoyed the pen. As I used it, I knew more about the pen and loved it even more. This pen is such an amazing writing instrument. It feels so nice to write with it. It is so smooth that the pen just glides through paper as you write.

The ink quality is awesome. The ink dries instantly. I haven’t experienced any smudging even when I tried to smudge the ink, nothing happens. It doesn’t smudge at all. The ink just stays where it is. My notebook looks very clean. What I love about it is that I don’t have messy ink on my fingers. I have written 7 pages worth of stuff using the pen, yet I don’t see any mess at all. I’m so happy to see that my hands, fingers and most of all my paper looks sparkly clean.

I like to write back to back, as not to waste paper. The amazing thing about this pen is when you write back to back, it doesn’t produce marks at the back. For this pen there is not a lot to see behind the paper. The traces of ink on the other side of the page is barely noticeable. It is the perfect pen for those like me who want to write back to back on each page of their notebooks.

I found out that the Moleskine pen has a neat feature. Once the pen’s ink has ran out, you can easily get it replaced. The other end if the tip there is cap that can easily be unscrewed by turning it counterclockwise until the cap comes off. Inside the body of the pen there is a coil and the stick of ink. You can buy replacements of these sticks. The refills can be easily purchased on Amazon. I am rest assured that I can always have ink for my Moleskine pen.

The pen also has a unique pen cover. It has metallic clip that is designed to nicely fit on a Moleskine notebook cover. Actually, any notebook with a hard cover will do.

On Amazon, there are a lot of mixed reviews. But for me, I had no issue with the pen. I think the pen is awesome and it’s been working well for me. The Moleskine Classic Roller Pen is the best pen I ever had. I enjoy writing so much with it.

If ever when the ink rans out I will get it refills for it. I might even get another one. With this pen I know I will be able to practice and get better at writing. I am excited and looking forward to writing some with my trusty Moleskine Classic Roller Pen. The perfect pen for me. I finally found the “one”.


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