Guide to Apple Picking

Have you ever gone to an apple farm and have done apple picking? Apple picking is a good and enjoyable activity. Here are my apple picking tips and things you should know before going to the apple farm.

My wife’s parent from the Philippines came to visit my wife and I here in Toronto. My wife and I often take her parents all around to the different places here in Ontario Canada.

Since they are here just to visit, it is best to show them as many places as we could and did as many activities that they haven’t done before.

For me, it was also my first time visiting some of these places and doing these activities. If they didn’t come here to visit us in Canada, I might not have seen these places and be able to experience it.

apple picking

Apple Farm

We decided that we go visit and see the apple farm. Why take them to the apple farm? Apples don’t grow Philippines or any tropical countries. Apples grow in Canada because the weather is cool here. It is a good experience to be able to actually see a real apple tree and the whole farm.

Another good reason why you should visit an apple farm because on some farms they let you pick apples. On these farms they let you pick your own apples from the tree and harvest it.

Best of all, you can enjoy those nice mouth watering apples. You will have so much to eat for yourself and you may share some to your family and friends. And why not try baking some or making a nice juice. There are so many things you can do with apples. All you need is to find some nice apple recipes and your good.

Things to do before going apple picking

Before going for apple picking there are few things you should do. The first thing is search for an apple farm that offers apple picking. You can easily google and find the apple farms nearest in your area that offers apple picking.

Once you find an apple farm with apple picking, the next thing you should check is the schedule for apple picking. You need to know which day they offer apple picking. I personally advice this because we made a mistake on not checking the schedule.

The first time we went on the apple farm was on Thursday. When we got to the farm they told us that they do not offer apple picking from Mondays to Friday. Apple picking is only available during Weekends, Saturday and Sunday. So, we ended up coming back on the weekend.

me and apples

Apple Picking for Everyone

This was actually my first-time going apple picking as well. The apple farm we went to is called Albion Orchard and Country Market. It’s a big farm that grows and sells different varieties of apples. In the farm they have a store that sells all sorts of apple goodies. Behind the store, there you will see a bunch of apple trees.

It’s a good place to take your whole family, especially if you have kids. The kids get to enjoy picking apples and play around the farm. The farm we went to also had a playground. In the playground the kids can enjoy and play.

Other than apples, they also have a pumpkin patch. On October you can go there harvest your own pumpkin. You can carve the pumpkins for decorations. If you find good recipes, try making pumpkin delicacies.

For people like me who is a fully grown adult and first timer in apple picking, you might think that you are too old for this and think that it’s for kids and it might be boring. But I realize I was wrong. The truth is it was very interesting and fun.

Apple Picking Tips

When you get there, they will give empty bags. You can use the bags to fill with apples you picked. Make sure you fill the bags with as many apples as you can.

You can pick the apples from the trees and you are allowed to eat them there. It’s enjoyable to try each and every kind of apple, what’s good about it is that it is fresh.

When you go apple picking, make sure to try each and every type of apple in farm. Once you have tried them all, find the best one that you like the most. Make sure to pick as many of your preferred apples as you like.

When you go there and started picking apples you will realized that it is a fun activity. My wife and I enjoyed it, and so did my in-laws. For sure it is something that kids will love.

Personally, it was an enjoyable day of activity and I will highly recommend it to everyone. It is especially nice since September is a good season for apples.

Apple Store

Before leaving, we checked the store that sells apple made products. Inside the store you will see all sorts of food made using apples grown from their farm.

In the store they are selling apple cider, apple pastries, apple juice, apple jam, apple vinegar and many more apple products. Not only do they sell apple products, but they also sell other products and other fresh produce from the neighboring farms which is really good.

The one that I liked the best is the freshly baked apple pie. They have the best apple pie I ever had before. As soon as you walked you can smell the sweet aroma of freshly baked pies. It was so hard to resist. We ended up buying one newly baked apple pie.

The apple was good size. It is good for 5 people. It was still very hot when we got it. The pie tasted really good. I highly recommend their apple pie.

What to do with the Apples

When you go for apple picking you will be collecting a lot of apples. Actually, there will be too much apples. You won’t be able to consume most of the apples.

I recommend to sharing some of the apples to friends and relatives. It is a nice gesture and they will appreciate the generosity.

For some of the collected apples you can use them to make apple goodies. You can use the apples to bake good apple pies. All you need to do is find good apple recipes. There are lot of them online.

Another good use of the apples is to make apple drinks. Apples cider, apple tea or apple juice would be really good. Everyone loves to a refreshing drink. I am also sure you can also easily find good resources only for recipes to make these drinks.

Apple picking is a fun family activity to do during the autumn season. You will greatly enjoy your day at the apple farm.

I was a long good drive to the countryside. On the way there you can see a nice view of trees. You get to see the leaves have started to change colors.

My Dream Farm

After visiting the farm, I realized that I want to have a farm like this in the future. It would be nice that someday to own a farm of my own. I would also like to open a store of my own and sell products made out of produce.

Someday I would like to have a farm that grow bamboos. On my farm, I will plant many different kinds of bamboo trees. It will be a nice, big and beautiful farm so people can visit and take pictures.

For now, I will just continue building on my website and continue to write and talk about bamboos. I am very fascinated with bamboos and I grew to love it more and more. I hope someday to make a career out of it.

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