Black Chinese Dizi Bamboo Flute

Dizi Bamboo Flute

This is a beautiful bamboo flute is a wonderful musical instrument. It looks attractive and the sounds amazing. It is very beautiful due to its exquisitely nice black finish. It is made using the finest bamboo in China. This is a very beautiful bamboo flute.

This long flute produces superb strong sound. It's good instrument for beginners to intermediate flute players.

This type of flute is called Dizi which is originated in China. It has very famous because of its rich history dating back thousands of years ago.

To this day, this bamboo Dizi flute is one of the most well-known traditional instruments used in playing classical Chinese music. It is quite famous in Asia and around the world. The dizi flute is classified as an Aerophone musical instrument.

Material The body of the flute is made of black bitter bamboo that is grown for more than 3 years before harvested then dried for a couple of years. This dizi flute also displays some beautiful pattern from the stem of the black bamboo.

This is a flat and straight and sturdy flute. It is smooth and well-polished. It comes with a joint made of polished brass.


  • Pack of Professional Level Dizi membrane
  • Membrane Protector
  • Professional Dizi Casing
  • Piece of Gelatin Dizi Membrane Glue
  • Red Chinese Knot
  • Velvet Bag


  • Length: 26 inches
  • Diameter: 0.8 inch
  • Weight: 90 grams

How to take care of your bamboo flute

  • After using the flute, make sure you flick the water out of the instrument
  • Thoroughly wipe the flute using a soft cloth or tissue
  • Apply lubrication on the flute joints in order prevent from rusts
  • Make sure it doesn’t get wet
  • Place the instrument in a cool and dry place
  • Place the flute inside the casing protect it from damages
  • Avoid above average heat or cold temperature to avoid breaking the bamboo instrument

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