Traditional Handmade Chinese Bamboo Flute Dizi

Dizi Bamboo Flute

This is a beautiful Asian bamboo flute. This flute comes from China. This type of flute instrument is called the Dizi. It's a wonderful flute that plays very well. The musical tone that is produced from this instrument is superb. It has a very sweet sound. That is why it continued to be a very famous instrument in China. These flute are classified as an Aerophone instrument.

In China it's very common to see this instrument used to play Chinese traditional music. Not only in China, it is also famous all over the world including countries like India, Taiwan, Vietnam, Singapore, Korea, Japan, Philippines. Another note that though the Dizi originated in Asia, it has made its way into the western continents including Europe, Africa, North and South America.


The Dizi is a flute that is made using bamboos. Bamboos are very good material especially in making musical instruments. The reason is because it a strong wooden material and it is perfect in making flutes because it is naturally hallowed.

How to take care of your bamboo flute

  • After using the flute, make sure you flick the water out of the instrument
  • Thoroughly wipe the flute using a soft cloth or tissue
  • Apply lubrication on the flute joints in order prevent from rusts
  • Make sure it doesn’t get wet
  • Place the instrument in a cool and dry place
  • Place the flute inside the casing protect it from damages
  • Avoid above average heat or cold temperature to avoid breaking the bamboo instrument

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