Bamboo Kalimba 17 Key Thumb Piano Set

Bamboo Kalimba Set

This instrument is called the Kalimba. It is a traditional African musical instrument. It made using 2 parts. First is the wooden board and the second part are the series of metal tines.

Music is produced by plucking the metal tines. When plucked the tines resonates and which produces music. Each metal tine is associated with a particular note. An instrument like the Kalimba is an example an idiophone because music is produced by vibration from plucking without a use of strings or membrane.

This kalimba is made using bamboo. The natural bamboo material is a good wooden material for kalimba because of its resonating capabilities.

This instrument has maple nut, saddle and 17 metal vibrating tines. And for added better sounding effect. The wooden bamboo board has extra treble holes for a better and much more brighter sounding effect.

This is very beautiful instrument that is made using high quality bamboo. It is very sturdy and durable which any kalimba player would love.

On each metal tine has the musical notation engraved on them. This is helpful to make learning much fast and easier. This is especially for beginners who is trying to learn how to play the kalimba.

Kalimba Set

  • 17 Key Bamboo Kalimba
  • Tuning Hammer
  • Study Booklet
  • Stickers – Red and Green
  • Cleaning Cloth
  • Traveling case

Tuning The Kalimba

In order to the kalimba to sound perfectly, it is important to have the instrument correctly in tune. This means that each tine should sound to the correct particular note it should be. In order to check the tune of instrument you would need a tool called the tuner.

A tuner is a tool that can be used in order to check the note produced of the instrument. In order to use this, you would have to pluck the tine and check the note indicated on the tuner.
If the pitch is too high or too low as supposed to be as indicated on the tuner, then tine needs to be adjusted.

With the use of a tuning hammer you can adjust the pitch of the metal tine to the correct note. If the pitch is too high, you can use the tuning hammer to push the tine in to change to a lower pitch. If the pitch is too low, then push the tine out. When hitting the tines with the tuning hammer, make sure you struck without using too much force. By hitting the tines slowly and accurately, then you would be able to achieve the proper pitch correctly.

How to Take Care of your Bamboo Kalimba

  • Thoroughly wipe the kalimba using a cleaning cloth or tissue
  • Make sure it doesn’t get wet
  • Place the instrument in a cool and dry place
  • Place the kalimba inside the casing to protect it from damages
  • Avoid above average heat or cold temperature to avoid breaking the bamboo instrument

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